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Rocin Laboratories, Inc. 

    Rocin Laboratories, Inc. is the biomedical Research and Development company founded twenty years ago by Robert L. Cucin, M.D. to develop new technologies and medicines. Wake up to realize your dream.It now maintains a world-wide patent portfolio. It includes a Skin Care Division with a complete line of popular, vitamin-enriched, hypo-allergenic, and specially-formulated maintenance and treatment dermatologicals and Rocin Press established for the dissemination of medical information to the public.

    The Rocin Media Division produced Keeping Face and Figure, a weekly television show on current topics in plastic surgery and healthy living. The show ran for five years on Time Warner Cable and featured actual patients having computer imaging of perspective plastic surgical interventions. The same patients were brought back after surgery to describe their experiences.

Surgical Tools Division    

     To coordinate the licensing and marketing of Lipotome™ Systems as they continue to evolve, the Surgeon's Tools Division was especially created.

    Lipotome™ Systems are precision surgical instruments based upon one or more claims of any of the patents within the liposuction art patent portfolio of Robert L. Cucin, M.D. or his Research and Development company, Rocin Laboratories, Inc. They achieve substantial advances over current technology.

      Struck by the strenuous nature of liposuction from the surgeon's perspective and appalled by the crudeness and roughness of the procedure from the patient's perspective, the inventor sought to make the procedure easier, more precise and less traumatic.

     The innovations and refinements that resulted  from his dissatisfaction with current technology not only increase control but decrease surgeon's effort, operating time, and patient recovery time. Products based upon these patents have been introduced into the market as Power Liposuction or Power Assisted Liposuction and received with acclaim.

Nu-Med Medical

  A reusable unit powered by a small, hand-held low voltageproducts electrical motor is being distributed by Nu-Med as the Power Cannula™ and consists of a permanent, steam-autoclaveable low frequency reciprocating assembly. Custom cannulas are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and configuration.

Byron Medical

Byron Medical Inc.      A disposable gas-powered assembly, the ARC Systems Reciprocating Cannula, is manufactured by Byron Medical and ingeniously driven by the vacuum system that powers its Psi-Tec™ Systems Aspiration Platform with no need for tanked gas or electricity. This inexpensive system is delivered in sterile packages.

Airbrush Liposculpture of N.Y.C.

    Airbrush™Liposculpture of N.Y.C.  is an affiliated clinical center which specializes in liposculpture.  All procedures are carried out exclusively with Airbrush™ Liposculpture Systems for safer and more artistic improvement of the human form.

    Liposuction carried out with the Airbrush™ Liposculptor is safer and more gentle than conventional or earlier modes of power assisted liposuction with more primitive, single cannula devices because the patient is not subjected to the battering ram effect of the thrusting inner cannula with every stroke.  The instrument unleashes the artist in the surgeon™ because when freed from the mechanical drudgery of the procedure, the surgeon can concentrate on smoother sculpting for a more aesthetic result with faster recovery.

      Since the cannula never gets warm there is no chance of incurring burns as with ultrasound assisted liposuction.  Just as a man sustains fewer cuts with an electric razor than an exposed blade, there is less chance of skin injury with a protective twin cannula system.