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     Here is a clinical presentation at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery elaborating on the increased safety, convenience, and precision of the NuMed PowerCannula™, a less sophisticated device based upon earlier embodiments of our patented technology.

    To ascertain precisely what surgeons and patient's complaints, concerns and desires were with respect to liposuction and instruments used for it, we conducted a survey of 116 members of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.  You can view the compiled results of this Perceived Value of Power Assisted Liposuction Survey

    Physicians reported complications of asymmetry and the need for revision (51%), unevenness, waviness and bumps (33%), prolonged bruising and swelling (9%), and seromas (4%).

    Surveyed physicians reported that patients expressed complaints relating to flaccidity (40%), insufficiently dramatic results (22%), prolonged convalescence (12%), insufficient fat removed (12%), waviness and asymmetry (10%), and too high a cost for too little a result (4%).

    The patented twin-cannula design of the Airbrush™ Liposculpture System has been specifically designed to address all of these issues.

        These two animations help display the advantage of power assistance with  twin cannula construction over single cannula power assisted liposuction:

It is obvious how much less traumatic the tube-within-a-tube concept is and how it saves the surgeon the work of manual cannula reciprocation.

     The animation below illustrates the loading of the two cannulas in the Airbrush™ Liposculptor.